Two Brides for Two Brothers OR Two Grooms for Two Sisters

A wedding took place on 14 March 1909 in Alachua County, Florida, between my grandparents – Oswville Lem Dukes and Rubanner Fletcher.  In the same county just two months earlier on 19 January, Rubanner’s sister, Ada, had married Lem’s brother, John Lonnie. The photo below shows both couples with the brothers’ parents and their older brother, Arthur.

ImageLeft to right, back row: John Martin Dukes, Arthur Dukes, O. Lem Dukes, John Lonnie Dukes.   Left to right, front row: Alice Allen Dukes, Rubanner Fletcher Dukes, Ada Fletcher Dukes.

The offspring of these two couples were double first cousins. I’m not sure if that makes them more related to each other than their other cousins, but it does mean that they all shared the exact same four grandparents. I wonder if these double first cousins looked more alike than their other cousins who had a larger gene pool.

Can anyone in the family comment on similar looks of the double first cousins based on photos or personal knowledge?

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