Who would have ever thought I would find some commonalities with my maternal 2x great grandmother who lived and died more than a century ago? Today is her birthday – 25 March 1813. Her name is Sarah L. Dell Fletcher. That’s not my birthday, and I share none of her names. She was born, as best I can determine at this point, in Georgia; I was not.  She had many more children than I did.

Since I’ve made a commitment to try to blog about all my known ancestors on the significant days of their lives, it’s challenging to try to write something original (or even to have a unique slant) when writing about people I’ve never met and have limited knowledge about. So when I was thinking of Grandmother Sarah – I wonder what her grandchildren called her – I started mulling over what I did know about her and found that she and I had at least a couple of things in common.

After marrying in Bulloch County, Georgia, she moved with her husband to Sumter County, Georgia. About seventeen years ago, I moved to Sumter County, Georgia, with my husband. Then they moved to north central Florida; we moved from Sumter County to northwest Florida in the panhandle. And both of our husbands were ministers. (Mine still is.)

Although her husband passed away only about four years after moving to Florida, her faith was apparently very important to her. About sixteen years after her husband’s death and twenty years before her own death, Sarah L. Fletcher deeded land to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Lafayette County for the purpose of “Divine Worship.” She went on to say that the land could also be used as a “place of residence for the preacher who may from time to time be appointed to said place in the mission or circuit.”[i] She obviously had a heart to see that the pastor and his family were provided for in that regard.

Here are images of the deed quoted above.



I would like to have one more thing in common with her – generosity.


[i] I have not found the source for this deed yet.  The first image is a portion of the entire document image received in an email (Emailing: deed 1874) from Betty Mikell on 18 August 2013.  The second image is a clearer image of the same document but the beginning was missing; thus, the reason for the two separate images.  The second image was received by email (Fletcher Marker Application) from Michael F. Zimny of the Florida State Department Division of Historical Resources containing the documentation used for the 2005 erection of a historical marker for Fletcher Community in Dixie (formerly Lafayette) County, Florida.


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3 Responses to Commonalities

  1. Terrie says:

    Margaret, you, too, are generous as you share your research with the rest of us! Thanks. 😊

  2. I meant to check my parents’ book before I posted last night to see if they had a reference to this deed, but I forgot to do so. I checked this morning, and they did! According to their book in the Pictures and Documents section, the deed appears in Lafayette County, Florida, Deed Book C, page 81. The book can be viewed at the Lafayette County Courthouse in Mayo, Florida. (Damato, Ray and Audrey Dukes Damato. As Much As We Know…About the Fletchers and the Lees. Martinez, Georgia: self-published. 1995.)

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