Sgt. Paul W. Ragan – Heroic Deeds in the World’s Time of Need

Today commemorates the anniversary of D-Day – 6 June 1944 – sometimes called “The Beginning of the End.”  My father-in-law, Paul W. Ragan, was a staff sergeant in Company A, 741st Tank Battalion, 2d Infantry Division in the Normandy Invasion. Although he would never consider himself a hero, he certainly did some very heroic deeds on that day and the days following. He later received a Silver Star for his actions. You can view the citation here:

Paul W. Ragan

Paul W. Ragan

You can also read some accounts of what actually happened on that day about Sgt.Paul Ragan by searching GoogleBooks using the terms “Omaha Beach” and “Paul Ragan” with the quotation marks.

I’m so grateful for the sacrifice he and so many other young men made for the freedom I experience today. I’m also very grateful that, unlike many other equally valiant young men, he was able to live through the ordeal so I could have the privilege of knowing this wonderful man and benefiting from the influence he had on my husband.

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