September Baby – 1829

September 24th marks the birthday of my great-great-grandfather, James David (David James) Lee, in 1829 in Hamilton County, Florida.

This post continues the affidavit of David Sistrunk concerning the children of Everett Lee who was the subject of the last post (Died in Service to His Country).

Part of David Sistrunk's affidavit for pension application for his grandchildren - Pension File 12113 (Crpl. Everett Lee)

Part of David Sistrunk’s affidavit for pension application for his grandchildren – Pension File 12113 (Crpl. Everett Lee)

“…That the said Everett and Nancy had 5 child children all born in lawful wedlock, to wit – David Lee 16 years old Jessee 14΅ M Lucinda 13΅ Moses 11΅ & Henry 9 years old. That the said Nancy lived the widow of the said Everett Lee from the day of his death till June 15th ^1840 when she was again married to Daniel Hall of Hamilton county, Fla. That she now resides in Madison county, Fla (from some cause) this deponent reason to believe that Capt Smith mustered out some man in said Lees name and did not note his death on the Roll as the said Smith drew his pay with the rest of his Company without le… [page torn] of Administration.  To the truth of the above statements I am fully satisfied

Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year first

above writen [sic] before me                                         [his]

Benjam  Lanier                                             David            Sistrunk

Justice of the Peace                                 [mark]”

In this pension file, there was also a real treasure. It was a family record of the births of the children of Everett and Nancy Lee. It is almost impossible to determine who wrote the paper, but it certainly was not Nancy (Sistrunk) Lee Hall or her father, David Sistrunk, as both of them made their marks rather than signing the affadavits.


Family Record of Everett Lee and Nancy (Sistrunk) Lee located in Pension File 12113 (Crpl. Everett Lee)

It appears to have been written all at the same time after the birth of the last child. There is no apparent change in handwriting or ink which would indicate the births were recorded as they occurred. It is also not a page from a family Bible. Regardless, I wish I had something of this nature for all my ancestors who were born before the days of birth certificates.

This document is referred to in correspondence written by the attorney, C. H. Blood, found in the pension application file as “the little yellow piece of paper originally filed as Family Record I know I had it in the Clks Office in Columbia Co and you will see the witness refer to it_  I must have left it there or it has got into wrong packages Mr Wilson Clk will no doubt remember having seen it_­ and noticed it was old and correctly copied_­ I trust I shall find it regret that I have not [undecipherable] to return

C. H. Blood”

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