52 Ancestors: Week 4

Invite to Dinner

This week’s prompt is to tell what member of your family tree you would invite to dinner. I would throw a dinner party! All of my great-grandparents would be invited, which would make for an interesting assortment of guests – farmers, coal miner and railroad man, tailor, homemakers, immigrants, Catholics and Protestants.

There are so many questions I want each of them to answer. For Ed and Viola (Bennett) Dow: Did you really bring your family and belongings from Michigan to Florida in two railroad cars to settle on land you purchased sight unseen? For Joseph and Angelina (Previti) Damato: Tell me all about the Jacksonville Fire of May 1901 and how it impacted your lives. For James Ball and Laura (Lee) Fletcher: Why can’t I find your death certificates when you died in the 1920’s? For John and Alice (Allen) Dukes: Tell me about my grandmother when she was a young girl newly married to your son.

I would also invite my parents to the dinner so they could ask questions they would like to ask them. My mother never knew any of her grandparents, and my daddy only knew his grandmothers.

I’m sure there would be some interesting conversation overheard – especially if I strategically arranged the seating!


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