Family Photo – 52 Ancestors – Week 8 (2019)

I have so many interesting family photos that it was hard to choose, but I narrowed my choice to two photos. My mother’s family photo is interesting to me because my mother, who was the baby in her family, reminds me so much of my baby sister at that age. Another treasure is the smile on the face of one of my aunts.

Dukes family - all 10 kids

Family of O. Lem and Rubanner Fletcher Dukes – Columbia County, Florida, about 1933

The other photo is from my father’s family. I had seen the photo itself  with a note that this was “Grandpa Damato’s family from Italy.” Several years ago, we had a first cousins’ reunion at which time a cousin by marriage gave me a box she had received from our uncle. The box was our grandfather’s tailor box in which he carried tools and fabric when he met clients away from his shop. At the time I received the box, it contained family memorabilia. Among the photos inside was the one that appears below. The photo was in the mat (which I had never seen before) with the name of the photographer and the location – T. Circolo, Montecorvino Pugliano, the village where my great-grandfather was born.  A search for the photographer has not yet yielded any results. No other identification was on the photo. The subjects in the photo are unknown, but presumably related to my great-grandfather who immigrated from Italy in 1881. I don’t know whether they were his paternal (Damato) or maternal (Della Corte) relatives. Regardless of who the people are, I’m sure they are related in some way. I also love how the youngest girl is smiling. She actually reminds me of my youngest granddaughter.

Damato family - Montecorvino-copy

Family photo of unknown family (probably Damato or Della Corte) taken by T. Circolo in Montecorvino Pugliano, Salerno, Campania, Italy.

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2 Responses to Family Photo – 52 Ancestors – Week 8 (2019)

  1. Good luck finding more information on the photographer. I know my grandmother had photos taken during her youth in New Zealand, by a traveling photography studio that passed through town once a year. Perhaps the photographer you’re looking for is from a different area of the country?

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