About Me

My daddy was a great story teller, and he was full of family stories that I heard growing up.  Mostly these were about people that I had never met, but I became familiar with their names and a little bit about their lives.

My husband’s family history was sketchy – including the origin of the unusual spelling of the name.  When his uncle turned 80, he bought a computer and began writing the family story.  He emailed it to me a chapter at a time.  I wrote back asking more questions that he was happy to try to answer.

So began my genealogy interest. I like the hunt for the vital statistics and the relationships, but I really want to know the stories and lives of the names in the documents and faces in the photographs. 

I am a librarian by profession, and in 2008 I became the library coordinator for genealogy services for the library system where I work.  Because of this position, I have been able to expand my interest, knowledge, and passion.  I make local genealogy presentations on behalf of the library system a few times each year.  I have also taken courses with the National Genealogical Society to further my education in the field of genealogy.

I plan to share some of these family stories and discoveries on my blog. I hope you find them as interesting as I have enjoyed discovering them.  Please share your comments with me.


2 Responses to About

  1. gpcox says:

    A pleasure to meet you. I very much admire librarians for their knowledge and always willing to assist someone to learn – in my research I’ve come across quite a number of them!

    • Thank you, GP, for stopping by my blog and reading and commenting. I think there is something inherent in the nature of most librarians that makes us want to help others. It’s very satisfying to me for someone I’ve been working with to find just the information he/she needs or wants -whether it’s a patron or a family member.

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